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About us 

We are the third generation   of the Tsimitaki family who have been continuing since 1995 to   cultivate and produce   to EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL  PALEKASTRO PDO SITIA LASITHIOY KRITIS from our own olive groves located in the easternmost part of Crete and in the village of Palaikastro.

tsimitakis family

Olive oil is the basis of the Mediterranean food chain, which has been proven to be a model of proper and healthy nutrition and a factor in longevity.

Olive Oil Photography

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About Section

In Palaikastro, we make extra virgin olive oil from the best quality olives in Koroneiki in Crete.

We are passionate with the production of high quality olive oils that stand out for their rich fruity, bitter and intense spicy taste.
We are dedicated in the use of traditional methods and we guarantee you the production of quality products with respect for the environment. 

Experience the unique taste of our olive oil and taste the difference! 


Tsimitakis Limited Edition

Limited availability olive oil from selected olive fruit that is harvested
at a defined stage of ripening giving the maximum in organoleptic components

tsimitakis limited edition premium olive oil
Sitia 03


The olive fruit must be harvested before  fully ripened. The olives are harvested from  mid-November to the end of December. It has a fruity, bitter and spicy flavor balanced  with excellent organoleptic characteristics, and  very low acidity up to 0.30 

sitia 03 palekastro
sitia 03 palekastro


It is oil produced before the olive fruit is fully ripe. The olives are harvested
from mid-November onwards.  balanced organoleptic profile, with moderate
fruity taste, slight bitterness and with acidity up to 0.8.

extra virgin olive oik Palekastro

Tsimitakis Early Harvest Olive Oil

Agourelaio Early Harvest – Extra Virgin Olive Oil is olive oil  produced when the fruit  is   unripe and green. The olives are harvested in mid-October.

It stands out for its rich fruity, bitter and intense spicy taste. It has very low acidity and is rich in antioxidants.

aggoyrelaio Palekastro
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